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When your home has an accepted offer...

  • Should I continue to let agents show the home?

    Should I continue to let agents show the home? Until we have completed the inspections and all contingencies in the purchase agreement have been met, please allow agents to show the home. We will stop promoting your home on the day of closing, unless you request otherwise.
  • What about the inspections?

    Wendt Key Team Realty, Ltd. will schedule all inspections at your convenience and with your time schedule in mind.
  • When do you remove the lock box?

    Not until the inspections and appraisals have been completed. It is better to leave it on until closing to allow access for inspections, walk-thru by the purchasers and anything else that may need completed before closing.
  • Do I make my next mortgage payment?

    Check with your lender, as it will depend on the timing and the closing date.
  • What about my home insurance?

    Contact your existing homeowner insurance representative to see what they advise you to do, with instructions that any refunds are mailed to your new address. If you have your taxes and insurance in an escrow account with your lender, most mortgage companies forward you the balance within 30 days after they receive the payoff or sometimes the escrow account will be deducted from your mortgage payoff at closing. The closing agent will inform you at closing.
  • When do I turn off the utilities?

    If possession is given after closing, arrange for the meters to be read the day you vacate the home. If you move out before or on the day of closing, do not turn off the utilities, call the companies and tell them the name of the buyer and the approximate day of transfer. Wendt Key Team Realty, Ltd. has enclosed a list of utilities and other phone numbers for your convenience.
  • Manuals

    Please place all manuals, garage door openers, extra keys and other additional items on the kitchen countertop. If possession is on the closing date, bring keys to closing.
  • How will I be notified about the closing?

    Wendt Key Team Realty, Ltd. will keep you informed and the title company or closing agent will also be calling for any information needed for the closing. We will let you know the name of the title company or closing agent and who will be contacting you.
  • Walk-Through?

    The purchasers may be entitled to a final inspection of your home. This is typically conducted prior to closing in order to assure them the home is in the same condition as the day the contract was signed.
  • Who attends the closing?

    Everyone whose name is on the deed must attend the closing and bring a picture identification. (Drivers License)
  • What do I bring to the closing?

    We like to tell everyone “Bring your SMILE”, and a picture identification (Drivers License). The title company or closing agent will let you know if you need anything else.
  • When will I receive my money?

    In most instances you will receive the money on the day of closing. There are times when the monies cannot be dispersed until a later date. If that is the case, you will be informed as soon as we are made aware of these circumstances.

Our goal is to create “Raving Fans” and “Customers for Life”. Please call us with any questions or concerns during your purchasing process. Your happiness is our greatest concern!