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  • May I have the names and phone numbers of three clients whose homes you have sold in the last six months?

If the Agent refuses or claims that it's "confidential information," you may be dealing with an Agent who has no satisfied clients. However, a good Agent will be happy to give you references. Try to contact a few clients and see if their experiences match your situation.

  • Will you give me the name and phone number of at least one client whose home you failed to sell in the last six months?

Few Agents have 100% success rate. Whether or not you actually follow-up and call this client, you can use this question to judge your Agent's honesty, and use it as a springboard to discuss his or her strengths and weaknesses.

  • What will you do to market my home beyond the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and newspaper ads?

It is important to find a REALTOR® who will use a marketing strategy to sell your home, which may be different from a strategy needed to sell your neighbor's home. There are many marketing tools available, and your REALTOR® should be familiar with all of them.

  • Is your office fully automated with a mobile phone or pager, voice mail, e-mail and fax so we can stay in constant touch? Are you committed to being available?

It is crucial for your REALTOR® to be available, especially during the offer-counteroffer process and the week before closing. Nothing is more frustrating than having a vital question you need answered now and not being able to reach your Agent. Your Agent should respond quickly to your calls and keep you informed on a regular basis throughout the selling process. Agents with full-time teams that are dedicated to seller needs are capable of maintaining constant lines of communication.

  • How much time will you spend prospecting for buyers for my home? How will you do it?

You want a REALTOR® who will be proactive and really work to earn the commission. Just placing ads isn't enough. In addition, you want to make sure that your REALTOR® pre-qualifies buyers before showing your house, so you don't waste time dealing with offers that can't be met.

  • Can you give me three good reasons why I should choose you over anyone else?

See which strengths the REALTOR® discusses, and how he or she compares to what others say. Ultimately, you want a REALTOR® who is right for your situation and who can sell your house.